Fully fat vs. fully fake?

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Ever wondered if you can tell the difference between full-fat vs. light products? The R&D Division of BJOD enterprises put it to the test. The results will change the way you look at cream cheese forever.

What light products do you like the most? What makes the best substitute?

Enjoy x

Passover Wars

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Passover is coming and BJOD is getting excited!


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Today at BJOD I teach you how to make a completely zero, calorie free egg white omelette. Make sure you watch it to the end πŸ™‚

(Not so) ***Flawless

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Happy Saturday everyone,

So you know those ideas that are great on paper but are a bit shit in reality – like couples baths or shower sex (no-one actually enjoys them! someone’s always too cold and the other one always has too much water pouring on them, then soap gets in the eye, lube doesn’t work – it’s shit!) Well my next video is literally shower sex (don’t worry it’s not).Β Whilst I was filming it (and it took me AGES to do) I was giggling about how funny it’s going to be and what a genius I am. I put on a check shirt and short shorts, just like B, I used the same background and all of the dance moves are pretty much spot on (ish). After I edited it, I sat back, watched it and thought “this is some weird shit.”

I always get the opinion from my bf before I post something. Charlie said “you look fat, you look weird and you look like you’re taking it completely seriously. You also look like you needed a poo for most of it.” I didn’t like that response, so I showed it to one of my best friends, asking what she thought. She replies “I mean, you don’t look like you’re taking it seriously… but it’s not funny either.” I didn’t like that one either, so I showed it to my last friend and asked “do I look funny or weird?”. He said “both – but that shit would go viral.”

Well – here it is:

Here’s what I’m supposed to look like:


Anyway, I posted it because I literally spent hours doing it. Happy Saturday πŸ™‚ x


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Sometimes little hoes will come and try and mess with your good intentions.

Stay strong people. Stay strong…. (or take a slice and eat it on the toilet where no-one can see)

Almost the end of the week now πŸ™‚ x

Sunday Roast

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No potatoes for me 😦

Today is supposedly the most depressing day of the year – so hopefully this will cheer you up

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Aint BJOD without the J

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Stereotype much?

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What people are like when you lose weight

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p.s. I lost 4 pounds last week πŸ™‚ YEYAH