Fully fat vs. fully fake?

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Ever wondered if you can tell the difference between full-fat vs. light products? The R&D Division of BJOD enterprises put it to the test. The results will change the way you look at cream cheese forever.

What light products do you like the most? What makes the best substitute?

Enjoy x

Cheating isn’t just for whores – it’s for diets too…

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First things first – I lost another 2 pounds last week… that means I’ve lost a stone in 5 weeks 🙂

Right, now for the post:

Unlike boyfriends, diets are incredibly forgiving. You can cheat on them once a week and they’ll look past it… hell, they’ll even secretly be happy about it


Something I’ve learnt whilst dieting is the importance of cheating. Here’s why:


  • Controlled cheating helps avoid uncontrolled cheating. There’s always going to be that beautiful temptress in your life (in the form of something creamy of course). By denying yourself that temptress, it’s only going to make you want it more. Instead, give yourself a dedicated day during the week when you can allow yourself something naughty. Next time that temptress calls you… say “sorry love, I only eat out on Saturdays”
  • Dieting is for life, not for (after) Christmas. I’ve said this one before… a successful diet is a long-term eating plan. You can’t deny yourself the good stuff for you’re whole life… it’s unrealistic and won’t happen. Plus, when you come off your diet you won’t know how to factor in the good stuff to your healthy plan and you’ll end up putting the weight back on
  • Research shows that people who cheat once a week feel better about their diets and are more likely to continue with it


  • Your body is like the gossipy next door neighbour.. it knows when you’ve cheated and it knows when you’re on a diet. Over time your body will begin to realise that the creamy temptress is coming over less often…. as a result your body will begin to balance calories-in vs. calories-out by burning them more efficiently, resulting in a reduced metabolism. Bummer!
  • Metabolism – diet’s arch nemesis. Have no fear, you can trick this system by shocking your body one day a week by eating whatever you want. Your body will think that it’s getting enough calories (or more) and this will kick start your fat burning metabolism.


My next cheat day is going to be on Valentines… I’m going to stuff my fat face with cake. Thanks for reading my bitches 🙂 x