Why I think ‘All About That Bass’ by Meghan Trainor promotes binging like a MOFO

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In case you don’t know her yet, Meghan Trainor is popping up all over the shop with her new song ‘All About That Bass’. See the song here. The song is all about being comfortable with your size, telling us to not follow the photoshopping crowd. Now ordinarily I’d be all over a song like this, but I actually found myself eating more this weekend due to it’s messaging. Yes, that’s right, the song made me binge.


A few of my favourite lyrics from the song are:

“Yeah, my mama she told me don’t worry about your size. She says, “Boys like a little more booty to hold at night.”

Yeah, that’s what my mama said and I ended up being 22 stone I was 17. Lol JK she had to padlock the food cupboard (true story).

The second lyric that made me eat were:

“But I’m here to tell ya every inch of you is perfect from the bottom to the top”

I was literally singing with with a buttercream enriched piece of cake in my mouth.

What’s my point here? Well, I don’t know if it’s due to my lack of willpower, but when I hear a song like this it makes me content with my size and therefore makes me eat. So, I guess what I’m trying to say is the fact that I didn’t lose any pounds this week can be blamed on Meghan Trainor. Cheers, ya bitch.

Anyone else think this, or am I on glue? I give the song 7 star of Davids.


I love my readers :)

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Guys, I reached my 15,000th view this week which is absolutely nuts! I hope you’re having as much fun as I am. It feels like just yesterday I made my first video – the 5/2 one. Anywho I’m going to shut up and enjoy the sun. If you have any ideas/comments then please let me know by commenting below. ILY x


How often do you think about how fat you are?

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Today I woke up and had a brief second where I forgot I was fat – it was bliss. It was like the moment when Carry got a text saying “John” in the Sex and the City finale. Then I realised it was Easter weekend and I probably won’t be able to hold back on the chocolate, leading me to have another week of not seeing any results on the scales. Then I got pissed off.


A couple of thoughts on this one:

1) How often do you think about how fat you are? Isn’t it sad that we think about our figures so often? I wonder if our ancestors spent half as much time thinking about their bodies as we do? Back when I was 21 stone I used to think about my weight every hour… every time I would walk somewhere, every time the weather would get hot outside, every time there was a non-sturdy looking chair, every time there was an amazing Jewish spread on at a Shiva (that Jackie Ash has done it again!!)… the list goes on. The funny thing is, when I got down to my previous goal weight I didn’t exactly stop thinking about my weight, but actually became even more conscious due to my intense vanity (due to being sexy for the first time ever in my life). However, I was really happy about my weight, I thought it was one thing I I’d never have to worry about again. I can’t describe how incredible that feeling was when I stopped thinking about the things I’d been worrying about for 18 years (yes, I was a weight conscious baby). The reason I’m writing about this is that I’m finding myself getting into that dangerous territory again where all I think about is my weight – it’s not a healthy place to be in.

2) Is there ever a good time to be on a diet? This society has done a pretty great job at keeping us all fat. I reckon if you looked at the calendar there would be an event every week that gives you an excuse to eat shit. Oh I can’t be on a diet next week… it’s my best friend’s cousin’s dog’s birthday party. Life has become increasingly more about stuffing our faces. Back on my diet I remember just ‘switching off’ from all of the festivities. Holidays used to be about seeing family, friends and stuffing my face with the available fruits and vegetables. I can’t seem to get that will power back, but i’ll keep on trying.

3) Are you happy? I’ve been a bit grumpy the past couple of weeks and I thought it was other things (work etc.) but actually it’s become quite clear to me today that it’s because of the weight. If I woke up happy because I forgot I was fat… well then it’s probably telling me something. Last time I lost weight there was this switch in my head. One random Wednesday it happened and I didn’t even THINK about bread or chocolate again for 2 years – it just didn’t occur to me. I wonder when that switch will come again? It’s almost as if it needs to get to a point where it’s so terrible it needs to happen. I find it incredibly difficult to lose weight when I know I’ve only got a couple stone to go, but it’s exactly that state of mind that has made me continue to put on weight since I lost 8 stone 4 years ago.

What are your thoughts guys? Cheer me up someone!