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Fully fat vs. fully fake?

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Ever wondered if you can tell the difference between full-fat vs. light products? The R&D Division of BJOD enterprises put it to the test. The results will change the way you look at cream cheese forever.

What light products do you like the most? What makes the best substitute?

Enjoy x

New Video – 5 pounds in 5 months

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Hey guys – new video! It’s been a while.

If you guys have any real weight loss tips, feel free to share 🙂

Extreme Diet Clinics Trailer

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Hey guys apologies but I’ve been busy like a mofo. Anywho, here at BJOD, we’ve decided to go behind the scenes at some of London’s most extreme diet clinics. The doc is a work in progress but here is a trailer to give you guys a taster… if you’ll pardon the pun.



Raw banana ice-cream & stuff

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Heyyy. My week 25 video includes more on why fat people and the sun don’t get on then I share my cool, refreshing, raw, paleo, banana ‘ice-cream’ recipe. All you need is banana.

Enjoy 🙂


The Feeders, The Haters & The Cauliflower Appreciators

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Hey y’all,

New video blog right here:

I discuss the feeders, the haters and I make a good meal out of our vegetable of the week!

Enjoy 🙂

Healthy Food Shopping BJOD Style

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Hello lovelies,

In this weeks vlog I teach y’all how to shop healthy BJOD style. I give out fresh diet tips (i.e. have a haircut to make it look like you’ve lost weight) and Charlie makes a guest appearance at the end.

Ugh you guys keep me young.


Big Jew on a diet: Week 20 – Still fat

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In this weeks video blog I teach you how to make an aubergine into a dessert. Stand by bitches!

Enjoy 🙂

The best diet since sliced quiche

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Ok guys I’ve finally found the diet that’s going to work for me! This is going to be the one which makes the difference. Bring on the quiche lorraine – so quiche. See you on the thin side bitches

Passover Wars

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Passover is coming and BJOD is getting excited!

What not to say to someone on a diet…

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Ok guys my diet is back on track… it’s been a long old push since my holiday. Anyways… if you want one piece of advice from someone who is battling their way through a hellish diet… DON’T ask someone if they’re still on their diet!

The flow diagram below explains what will happen: 

Screenshot 2014-04-07 20.23.02


Here’s how I usually react: